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<h2>Kapodistrias Giorgos and Konstantinos</h2><p>Boat Upholstery</p> <h2>Furniture Upholstery</h2><p>High Quality Fabrics</p> <h2>Awnings Upholstery</h2><p>Competitive Prices</p>
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The Company

Vessel upholstery, covers and tents, in Corfu. The company KAPODISTRIAS active for many years in the upholstery and shaded systems. The experience the quality and of course the competitive prices have established us in the local market. The professional staff we have come to your place and gives you the most economical solutions. We undertake to change the upholstery of all your furniture with durable fabrics and a wide range of designs.In addition we fabricate bed and lounge frames. We produce and repair craft tents (all types) and shaded tents. We place all types tents: with arms, automatic , manual , transparent redo and for all types of shading systems we are always here for you where required to do so either in private or in professional campus, for renovations of shops, hotels and craft. So there's nothing left but contact us to ensure consistency and quality at the lowest prices. *For more photos visit our page on facebook. You will find us with the name "Tapetsaries Kapodistrias". Yours George & Contsantine Kapodistrias